“It’s okay to say or do the “wrong” thing. Everyone does, at one time or another. Just, please, be there for us. We will be more grateful than we can say.” – Lori Hope

Rachel Naomi Remen, MD, wrote in her foreword to Help Me Live, “This is not a book about cancer, it is a book about you. About the importance of your love. About the many helpful ways of being there for someone else.”

Although Dr. Remen was referring to the book, this site is not just about the book. It’s about sharing information, stories and insights that illustrate what a tremendous difference you can make to someone rendered extra-sensitive, vulnerable, or traumatized by cancer or other serious life-altering conditions. We invite you to look around here for resources and tips, including how to get a temporary pass from Cancerland. Many thanks for being present for your loved ones. May you get back much more than you give!

Review of Help Me Live on Oncolink
Speaker Reel by Michelle Mahoney, Brett Blake, & Noah Lagin
•  Article, “When a Co-Worker Has Cancer…”

“Extraordinarily moving and helpful, this book is essential reading for cancer patients as well as their families and friends.”
–Marc Silver, author of Breast Cancer Husband and former
U.S. News & World Report editor

“Please, please, read this book!”
–Barbara Ehrenreich, author of Bright-Sided: How the Pursuit of Positive Thinking is Undermining America and Nickel and Dimed